Bed in a Bag: What do They Come With and What are They for?

Have you ever seen an advertised “bed in a bag” before and wondered just what comes in one, or what everything is used for? Surely it can’t contain a mattress and everything. Well, you’d be partially right there, since it doesn’t include the mattress or bed frame. Aside from those two things, they provide pretty much everything you’ll need for your bedding collections. Though the individual contents may vary based on the package, so be sure to check the item description just to be on the safe side.

A bed skirt may be included, which is a decorative fabric to go around the outside of your bed. Functionally, it will hide the box spring underneath from view while giving your bed a more stylish look. To install the bed skirt, remove your mattress but leave the box spring in place. Place the skirt on top of your box spring, letting the fabric fall just above the carpet or ground. Then, replace your mattress on top.

The fitted sheet will go directly over your mattress, tucking in between your bed skirt and mattress. A flat sheet will then be placed on top of the previous sheet, and folded back at the head of your bed to create a decorative finish. These sheets will help protect your mattress from the dirt and oils that would normally accrue as it is used.

A comforter, the thick blanket that will keep you warm even on the coldest of winter nights, is also usually included. Place this over top of the sheets and fold it back from the head of your bed far enough to show off your sheets.

Putting your pillows into a pillowcase will help to protect it from any dust and dirt it would normally accrue through everyday use. They’re much easier to launder and will greatly extend the lifetime of your pillows. Sometimes you may receive shams instead of, or in addition to, the pillowcases. These are specialized pillow covers with a false opening that blends into the design of the sham. Functionally, they work identically to a normal pillowcase. Pillows should go at the head of the bed, above the folded sheet.

With that, you’ve unpacked the complete “bed in a bag”. Everything in the bed sets should have a tidy home on your bed now!