Expert witness record requirements

Written by Lyle Charles

If you need to hire a construction expert witness to strengthen your case, they are required to provide certain information regarding their qualifications. The qualifications of the expert witness must be disclosed to the opposing counsel. This information should go beyond the information offered in a resume. Construction expert witnesses should also list all publications they have authored for the past ten years.

According to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, an expert witness has to provide a written report which includes all opinions. Also, the opinions should be backed by information that was assessed to come to those opinions.

The report should also include the value of the payment received for the expert’s efforts. The written report will have to include a list of all other cases in which the individual has testified, in trial and deposition as an expert, for the past four years. The report should state the style of the case the expert testified plus the jurisdiction, date, and court case file number.

Construction cases cannot be managed by an in-house lawyer and will require the assistance of a reputed law firm that has experience in similar cases. The best way to reduce such legal issues is to include a construction claims management process that is inbuilt with a strong construction claims analysis process.

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