Unexpected Costs To Plan For In Home Renovation

home-renovation-unexpected-costsWhen you’re renovating, you’re usually not thinking about everything that could go wrong. There are many unexpected costs for consumers in construction, but professionals are quite familiar with these disputes already. This guide will help you budget for some of these costs, including a construction claims consultant if you need one.

Claims and Disputes

The most common additional cost in construction comes as a fee or penalty, and usually as the result of an injury claim or work stoppage. Construction delay claims are fairly common, but they can inflate your budget quickly. You might need to pay for the cause of the dispute, or you may need to pay to settle the claim in court if the dispute doesn’t get resolved.

Another option is construction mediation, where you can argue before a neutral third party to try and find an agreeable resolution to the problem.

Building Permits

Every time you want to add to your home, you’ll need a permit to do so. Failure to get a permit may result in a code violation, which is costly and time consuming to fix. Using a consultant to review your plans is the best way to ensure you never face this problem, but flying solo is always an option. It’s a question of whether you’re willing to take a chance that your plans are drawn up to code.


When you add onto your house, the home’s value will increase when the land is re-assessed. There isn’t a way to avoid this if you build the addition the legal way, but be careful if you decide to skirt the law. Financial penalties may be even steeper, and that’s not taking into account potential safety violations by not following building codes in your state.

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