4 Striking summer color combos for your outdoor space

18Written by The Foam Factory

Color can really change a space and give your patio a fresh new look. However, investing in the right hues can be tricky with so many color combinations available. Here are a number of fresh color combinations that will look spectacular all year around.

Lemon and black – If your space needs to be brightened up, choose these color combinations, as they will place a spotlight on your outdoor space. This is a fierce combination and therefore not for the faint hearted. Stay within the theme with patio cushion and an outdoor umbrella in a lemon hue.

Eggplant and tangerine – If you want to create a luxurious space look at these shades for inspiration. Mix and match your furniture by adding a few simple purple chairs or a long bench. Add tangy orange side tables and mix in purple furnishings.

Green and blue – For a soothing outdoor space, look at mixing green and blue hues. Stay with light cool tones to mimic the sky, sea, and the grass. To make your decking greener, include a light green rug for a natural grassy look.

Rainbow – For those who want a bold splash of color, incorporate the entire rainbow. Use colors like deep blue, sunny yellow, happy red, and orange. These colors are best for modern outdoor spaces that are young and vibrant.

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