Adding Light to the Living Room Without Increasing the Power Bill


The modern home makes every attempt at bringing convenience into the living space without adding to the monthly bills. Better materials, thoughtful design and usage of natural elements are all part of thoughtful development. The living room is an excellent place to start this transition, bringing more light into the space without adding to the power bill.


Depending on the materials used to build your French door, you can let in a lot more light without raising the temperature. Preventing heat loss, and controlling cool air inside the home are the two best methods to reduce power consumption. Thicker glass will help with heat loss and insulation, while wood or fiberglass materials will help insulate the door itself.

Windows and Screens

Another method to add light and reduce consumption is to apply solar screens to your windows and doorways. You can order an actual screen, useful for keeping bugs and debris out of your space, or you can affix a thin layer to your window that helps dampen light. Either way, the end result is an open window without losing or gaining too much heat.

Final Thoughts

You may also consider transitioning away from some of your wall fixtures in favor of lower wattage lighting you install. There are plenty of upgrades available online and at your local hardware store.

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