Choosing the Right Material for Interior Doors

Written by ETO Doors

One of the most difficult choices that a homeowner must face when installing interior doors is selecting the right material. There are plenty of options available on the market, each with their own strengths. Much of the decision will come down to personal preference and how well a door fits with the decor of the home. For example, a modern-looking steel interior door likely won’t be a great fit inside a shabby chic home.

In the end, no interior door choice is the wrong choice as interior door styles and materials are completely a matter of taste. If it’s a door that you feel comfortable with and that you think serves as a complement to your home’s look, then it’s the one you should purchase. But it’s a good idea to know the advantages of different interior door materials before you make a purchase.

Here’s a look at some of the most popular options:

Wood and Wood Composite

The majority of interior doors will either be solid wood or made from a wood composite. As you might expect, solid wood doors are carved from a single piece of wood. By contrast, wood composite doors have an exterior that is a mixture of items such as wood fibers. Solid wood doors are often favored by homeowners who don’t mind paying a little extra for the look and feel of a solid piece of wood. However, the best composite wood interior doors can look just as elegant and substantial as solid wood doors.

One of the options you might have when selecting a composite wood door is between a solid core or hollow core door. With solid core doors, the composite material has a center that is a combination of wood and fibers. This gives it a look and feel similar to solid wood doors. Hollow core doors are simply filled with strong cardboard. This means that they are lighter than solid core doors but also less expensive.


If you have a home with a modern decor and design aesthetic, you may want to move away from traditional wood doors and toward something more cutting edge. There are several different types of metal interior doors that may be a good choice in these instances. Hollow metal doors are affordable options, although they can let heat and cold escape a room easily. Stainless steel and fiberglass doors are two other metal interior door options that offer more durability than hollow metal doors.


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