Common Legal Problems Faced by Construction Companies

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Contractors can experience many different types of legal disputes that can arise over construction projects. Some types of disputes are more common than others and can arise, even when construction turnaround services are involved. In today’s business climate, clients want work done as soon as possible and as cheaply as possible. Such a climate leads to disagreements that often must be resolved through arbitration or through the courts.

Construction contracts represent the biggest problems facing providers of construction services, as well as clients, says Lyle Charles. Most often, one or both parties do not understand what the terms of the contract are or what their obligations are. This problem is compounded when modifications are made, especially by individuals who are not familiar with the language commonly used in construction contracts. In such instances, legal construction consulting is appropriate to ensure that contract terms are sound and amenable to both sides.

Defects and failures that involve design, building envelope, water intrusion from improper roofs, windows and exterior cladding, soil and erosion issues, inferior building materials, defects involving electrical installations, asphalt or glazing, and HVAC mechanical defects are other common problems that are often solved through construction mediation before heading to court for a lawsuit. Insurance issues can also be involved in defects, further complicating legal considerations. Construction delays,cost overruns can affect both sides in a construction deal, while non-payment for services rendered are problems faced primarily by contractors and subcontractors.