Differentiating Garage Door Material Types From One Another

There comes a point in every home where your garage door withers down to a state that is beyond repair. When it’s all said and done, your ultimately going to have to replace it in its entirety. Now, this may seem like a major undertaking – there are so many different options out there – but it’s well worth your time. When looking for a company that performs garage door installing in Atlanta, be sure that you go through checklist to ensure that they can install exactly what you’re looking for.


Material Types


You have several options when it comes to the different types of garage doors, and each one offers the homeowner a unique set of qualities and disadvantages.


Steel garage doors often mimic the properties of wood grains. They may be painted and are available in a wide array of design options. However, you may want to consider purchasing an insulated door if you spend time in your garage. Due to steel’s poor insulating qualities, you may find extreme varying temperatures on cold or hot days. Also, you will want to consider the wear and tear that new garage doors may undergo throughout their lifetime. Steel has several grades that determine the thickness of the material. If you want a solid garage door that can withstand a significant amount of punishment, look into at least a 24 gauge steel garage door – possibly even thicker if it is being used for commercial purposes.


Aluminum garage doors are considered the sisters of steel. Now, there are equally, if not more, design options available to you to choose from. It is a less expensive option than steel, and is also lighter and more susceptible to damages.


Wood has all the charm and appeal of an aesthetically pleasing garage door – there’s no doubting that. While it can be matched by the impressive imitations of steel or aluminum, you simply cannot replicate the rich look of a stained garage door. If you are looking for a new garage door for your home, wood can provide a traditional compliment to many architectural styles. However, wood also requires the homeowner to constantly maintain it and treat it. Furthermore, it also requires a much larger investment than steel or aluminum. If you do proceed to purchase wood as your primary material, be sure that you have the number to a trusted company that does garage door repair in Canton, GA, you may need to call them in on occasion to prevent serious damage to both the material and the mechanism.


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