Easy guide on how to get a PO Box

Article by Go Mailboxes.

Getting a PO Box is a fairly simple procedure. Traditionally, you need to go into your local post office to sign up for a PO Box. However, USPS has made this process quite easy. According to California Mailboxes, this is how to get a PO Box quickly without hassle in three easy steps.

Pick a PO Box Location and Size

Before you get a PO Box, you need to decide where you want your PO Box to be located and how big you want your mailbox to be based on your expected monthly mail deliveries. You can always get a small postal box and then upgrade to a larger one.

Get a PO Box

Once you decide on a location and size, you are ready to get a PO Box. There are two options to get a PO Box. You can either reserve a PO Box online or go to the post office in person. Both ways require that you fill out a Form 1583 and present some form of identification.

Redirect Your Mail

Once you have your PO Box, the next step is to redirect your mail and packages to this new PO Box. You can either fill out a Change of Address Form online or pick one up at any post office. Once you have submitted the form, your mail will then be forwarded to your new address. This is an ideal arrangement when you want to replace your secure mailboxes.