Features To Improve the Look of Your Doors


Written by ETO Doors.

Buying new doors is just one way to spruce up your home. There are plenty of different accessories such as doorknobs, doorbells and doorstops that can give your doors a fresh look. Take a look at some of the features available to improve the look of your doors.

Many people know that having a high quality front door or interior door is a great way to improve the look of your home. An attractive door can be a key piece that ties together many different elements in your home. But the actual door is just one way that you can improve the looks of your living space. There are plenty of accessories and other features that you can add to your doors to make them look even better.

Here are just a few of some of the easy improvements that you can make:

Hardware: The most common feature that people think about when it comes to door hardware are doorknobs. It’s certainly true that the doorknob can dramatically alter the look of exterior or interior doors. For example, getting a vintage doorknob can enhance the look of an older home while a modern entrance handle can match a newer home’s look. But a doorknob also has to be practical as well as ornate. Make sure that you purchase a doorknob that will offer adequate protection if it being used for exterior doors.

Doorbell Buttons: Your doorbell can be more than just a functional item that lets people announce they are at your door. Doorbells can be easily integrated so that their looks are similar to front doors. Doorbells can look rustic and Victorian if you have an older home, with flourishes that fit into the overall architecture of your house. If you have a more modern design, you can purchase doorbell buttons that will match this as well, giving your home a cooler and perhaps even a more space-age feel.

Doorstops: A doorstop helps to keep an interior door from slamming into a wall when it’s opened to quickly. But the doorstop can be decorative as well as functional. From spring doorstops to kick down and hinge pin doorstops, you have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to finding one that fits the rest of your home’s aesthetics.

Mirrors: Adding a mirror to an interior door is one way to give your entire room the illusion of being bigger than it really is. You can also purchase ornamental mirrors to create a beautiful centerpiece in your home.

House Numbers: Adding house numbers to your door accomplishes several different things: it provides an easy way for visitors to know they’ve come to the right place and it also is another way to add some personality to your home. By using decorative fonts and stylized patterns, you can use house numbers to spruce up your doors in countless ways.


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