Fix Flat Couch Cushions

Written by The Foam Factory

A flat or saggy couch cushion or sofa foam is the unfortunate effect of several years of use and wear and tear. A cushion that lacks a proper bounce can be quite uncomfortable. Apart from the discomfort that they bring, a flat cushion can also be detrimental to your overall posture. This might bring about pains in the neck, back and leg regions. Flat cushions are also aesthetically displeasing and do not look particularly welcoming in a living room.

If you notice that a cushion replacement is in order, you might consider carrying out the project yourself. Foam replacement projects are simple to carry out owing to the easy availability of custom cushion filling. If you are seeking an improvement in your comfort level along with changing the look of your living room, you might consider opting for durable foams. Fast drying foams might also be great if you have younger children who tend to spill drinks on cushions.

Durable and good quality foams having the right firmness could last for over ten years. If you are considering carrying out the foam replacement project the DIY way, you might first start by measuring the dimension of your cushions. This would help you to determine the quantity and size of foam that you would need to order. Foam companies now enable customers the possibility to buy custom-cut foams.

The Foam Factory proposed a large selection of couch cushions for various foam replacement projects. Their products are also suited for diverse indoor and outdoor use.