How to make your mattress last longer

foamfactory10Written by The Foam Factory

A good mattress is an investment. Like any investment, we want the best possible return. On average, we want between five and ten years before a mattress replacement. How well we look after the mattress, will determine how many nights of sleep we can get out of it. Extend the lifetime of your mattress by following these steps:


Check with the mattress manufacturer and ensure that it is placed on a proper support. Memory foam mattresses require solid support, while spring mattresses can use box springs. Remember that the support should handle the weight of the mattress and its occupants.


The first purchase after a good mattress is a good mattress protector. Now spills of water, liquid, dirt and debris will not get through to the mattress foam. Using a protector on its own extends the lifetime of the mattress significantly.


Wash bed linen regularly. The recommendation is to wash the linen at least every one to two weeks. People who suffer from dust mite allergies should wash the linen twice a week in hot water. This reduces the amount of dust mite excrement from bothering you and the mattress.

These three tips will extend the life of your mattress by years. If you do anything at all, make it one of these three.


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