How to replace the foam in your chair cushions

Summary: Even with proper maintenance, you will still need to replace the foam in a cushion after a few years. It is a simple process that involves getting the existing out, getting the right measurements, ordering and cutting the foam, and placing the new insert.

Foam cushions are comfortable and feel luxurious. However, the problem is that given enough time, even with proper maintenance, they will get crumbly and lose their firmness. The only way to combat that lack of resilience is to change the foam regularly.

Here is a step by step guide to replacing the foam in your cushions:

First, remove the older cushion insert from the cover. Depending on the state of the cushion, the insert might not come out in one piece.

Next, you need the measurements of the new insert. Since it is most likely that the existing insert is not in a good state, measure the boxing depth from the cushion cover.

Order your foam to the measurements you get. If you order a large block of foam, you can cut it into the exact size that you need with hack saw or knife. When you cut a block foam to the exact size you need, use some batting and pad the foam for a little more comfort.

You can expect a slightly tough time putting the insert into the cushion cover. It can take some work to get everything in the right positions, with the corners straight. Often, older cushion covers will stretch in different directions. Just use a little bit of filling to straighten those out.

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