Patio Owners Are In For a “Nasty” Surprise

Written by: The Foam Factory

Summary: Your outdoor cushions could prove to be more hazardous than you thought.

patio-furniture-fire-pitReplacing the outdoor foam on your patio is not only to keep your seats plump and comfy, but it also reduces the risk of bacteria and illnesses. This article will showcase how keeping your outdoor foam clean and dry will benefit you in the long run.

Check Your Cushions Often

When homeowners clean their seat cushions, they tend to focus only on removing the stains and dirt from the cushion covers. However, little do they know that there could be some creepy crawlies lurking within.

Needless to say, outdoor foam replacement can protect you and your children from what lies inside the cushion foam. If you’re guilty of leaving your seat cushions outside day in and day out, you’d come to expect that all sorts of bacteria and bugs will find their way inside eventually. Not just that, but the changing of the seasons can also exacerbate allergies. If someone is allergic to pollen for example, and they spend a significant time on your seat, they could potentially break out in hives or even worse, suffer from anaphylaxis. Although quite rare, it can potentially happen to you or your loved one.

Stay Vigilant

Don’t forget, children love to play outside. If they have an allergic reaction to something they haven’t had before, it could prove to be quite dangerous. So, even if you own a custom cushion seat line that looks great, check the foam inside – it could be dirtier than you imagined.