Rattan to Replace the Wooden Furniture

Article Written by : Paint Coatings

resin wicker chairYou are no longer feeling comfortable using the giant and thick furniture whether it is not from the wood nor the solid metal because of the maintenance in the long term also must be noticed. This is to define what product is durable and what product those are not. And the other requirement of the product that has artistic value to balance your minimalist housing concept. 

This is as the matter of fact that rattan has the strength as the wooden furniture as long as the craftsmen assemble it as well as possible to make it durable. One of rattan manufacturing is in the Cirebon, one of Indonesian city that produce rattan and they are provide the large amount of the rattan that can be exported along the country also to the foreign company. Since the Indonesian company give their best support to this product manufacturing by giving the best regulation system to compete better to the other rattan producer and can be used to absorb the potential employment. “Synthetic wicker chair” and “synthetic wicker” is the common furniture that people most favorable, if this kind of product can be produce by local worker it will be better without having too many risk to produce it. Unless the wooden material to replace, this rattan also has major role in “aluminum frame” and “all weather synthetic”. Since no longer durable metal material, people turn to this rattan product. The durable furniture product can be in form of “synthetic wicker furniture sets” and “synthetic furniture sets” or, the product that people mostly used for housing accessories.  

There are many of rattan products that suitable for Asian to European life style, so that, this is the common product for every life style. “Wicker rattan furniture” and “synthetic rattan furniture”, this is the Asian style that full of pattern and most foreigners love this to make the ethnic atmosphere to their room. This is also the material that suitable to the business place such as the restaurant cafe or even you company’s lobby. Making the guest who sit in your waiting room, and when someone feel comfort it will make them easier to trust you and you can make a deal to any client who feel satisfied started from your furniture option. The “outdoor wicker furniture” and “outdoor woven furniture” also important to add the artistic value to your house yard and this could be your identity by using the luxurious rattan ornament.