Replace These Two Doors for a Big Return on Investment

When you make an improvement to a home, typically the goal is to upgrade it with better materials and a more modern feel. Doors should be no exception. You can make upgrades that improve everything from the look of the home to the insulation. Of course, none of those upgrades do any good if no one uses that part of the house. As a general rule, upgrading the garage and front doors will have the biggest impact on the curb appeal and value of your home.

Garage Door

The garage door is the heaviest moving part in the home, and it’s prone to breakdowns if it’s not well maintained. The first step in maintenance is to check the coils for breaks or bends, then oil them. If the door is old and pain is chipped, it’s time for a replacement. Opt for wood if you can, because it’s the highest quality, but plenty of attractive aluminum options exist. For the best return, make sure the door opens quietly and uses quality parts. You should also consider replacing the door within the garage, as this is one of the most used access points of a home.

Front Door

The front door of the home is the next place to improve curb appeal. If your door is fairly new, you may just need to replace the weather stripping around the frame to make sure it insulates the home well. If the door is hung incorrectly, it may require a professional. If your door is older, with splintered wood or an older style, replace it with wood or aluminum for the most attractive and durable choice. You may also consider a storm door if you experience heavy wind or rain in your area.


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