Saving Energy with a Portable Air Conditioner

Written by: MovinCool

One of the biggest benefits to owning portable air conditioners is that you can lower your energy bills significantly and at the same time remain cool without giving up the perks of a central air conditioning unit.

A central air conditioning unit is designed to cool your entire house at the same time regardless if certain rooms are empty. With that being said, your energy bill can shoot up from a lowly number rather quickly. With a portable air conditioner, you move it from room to room if you need a certain area cooled down, or you can purchase multiple ones to simulate a central AC unit. Either or, your wallet is going to thank you in the long run.

Temperature Control

Your portable unit should come with a temperature control setting that you can fiddle with. This controls what temperature that you ideally want your room to be. You can save money by keeping it at or above 76 degrees. This is a comfortable temperature that most people won’t find oppressive.


Most portable air conditioners are built to be energy efficient. This makes them a great alternative to a window air conditioning unit – many high energy efficient neighborhoods do not allow window units making these portable units even more valuable in the long run. These units come in different sizes as well, making them perfect for large rooms or even small rooms. It’s important to measure the size of your room as you won’t want to have a high-powered air conditioner in a smaller room. It might even defeat the purpose of even owning one in the first place.


Another perk to these units are that they act as a portable dehumidifier, which are beneficial to your health. By taking out much of the moisture in the air, it can improve allergic reactions to trapped particles in the air. Because technological developments have improved drastically over the years, these units have become a staple in homes all over the country. It’s about time that you start switching and saving money.

The Bottom Line

With so many portable air condition units on the market, energy efficiency has transcended to a whole new level. Fan coil units and evaporative coolers are only some of the options that you’ll find at your local store. If you want to save money, make the transition today.