Tips for Buying Ceiling Fans

A lot of people put ceiling fans in their home. But for those who are buying a new fan for their home, they may not know what to look for. Here are some tips for discount ceiling fans for the home.

  • Materials: in the coastal climates, search for the fans that have finishes which are rust free as well as blades that aren’t going to warp.
  • Seasonality – During the warm weather, you will want your fan to be in the mode known as downdraft.  This is going to have its blades going counterclockwise. This is going to circulate the air that is cooler.  But during the winter, you should reverse your motor to get the blades going clockwise.  This is going to force your warm air towards the floor.  The reverse switch is usually found on the top or inside of your motor housing.
  • Size – Select the biggest size for the room. Sizes will generally go from 36-60 inches. This represents its distance from one blade’s tip to another blade’s tip. The fans that are 42 and 52 usually are the most popular. For a room that’s 150 square foot or less, a good choice is a 42 inch.  For rooms that are 400 square foot, a good choice is 52 inch.  The optimal circulation will happen in areas that are square. If you are cooling a room that is large and rectangular, choosing two fans is a good idea to distribute the air.

For those who are looking for indoor or outdoor ceiling fans, they will find a wide selection.