The Various Cushion Filling Types for Couches and Sofas

If you are looking to replace the filling in your couch, try out something new.

sofa-sectional-greyFoam is essentially the most common filling material for sofas and couches. They come in a variety of densities and comfort levels. A high density type foam seat will provide a firm couch cushion but many people find that that it’s too hard to for them. Foam that is on the lower density side typically has a soft or medium firmness to it. With new cushions, they’ll tend to degrade at a much faster rate than high-density foam does.

The Perks of Memory Foam

Memory foam, on the other hand, supports and comforts your body so it’s recommended for people that have muscle or joint paint. Remember, foams that are labeled as high-resilient density are more resistant to sagging and the natural wear and tear that it goes through. They may last for over a decade and are ideal for couches that are being used repeatedly. Often used in beds, these memory foam blocks will work to improve your overall wellness.

Down-Filled Cushions

Feather-filled cushions are ideal for homeowners that like prioritize softness inside a sofa. While feathers are the cheaper option, companies often put in materials like duck feathers or chicken feathers as a cushion filling. Down tends to come from the plush underbellies of a goose. And, you can expect to pay more for a sofa that has down-filled cushions as well. But, the comfort is to die for. Essentially, you’ll be lying down on a bed of clouds and is perfect for someone with back issues.

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