Unexpected Costs To Plan For In Home Renovation

When you’re renovating, you’re usually not thinking about everything that could go wrong. There are many unexpected costs for consumers in construction, but professionals are quite familiar with these disputes already. This guide will help you budget for some of these costs, including a construction claims consultant if you need one. Claims and Disputes The most common additional cost in […]

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Saving Energy with a Portable Air Conditioner

Written by: MovinCool One of the biggest benefits to owning portable air conditioners is that you can lower your energy bills significantly and at the same time remain cool without giving up the perks of a central air conditioning unit. A central air conditioning unit is designed to cool your entire house at the same time regardless if certain rooms […]

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A Guide to Prehung Exterior Doors

Written by: ETO Doors If it’s time for a change to one or all of your exterior doors, you essentially have two options that you can choose from, slab or prehung. Now, each specific door type has its own advantages and while many are split, this guide is designed to promote the benefits of installing a prehung exterior door over […]

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