How to turn your San Juan Island property into an attractive vacation home

Blog provided by San Juan PM

San Juan Island, WA has been an intriguing vacation destination for many because of its pristine waters, exotic wildlife, and laid-back, lush scenery. If you live on San Juan Island and are willing to let another family use your property for several nights, you can be a crucial part of making someone else’s vacation experience worthwhile. If you’re committed to earning some extra money by renting out your San Juan Island home, here are a few things you can do to make your property a more attractive vacation home.

First, you can make sure your home’s interior provides a unique experience people will want to pay for. The most popular vacation rentals are usually the ones with distinctive furniture and interior design that matches a specific theme. Whether you choose a style that invokes a seaside, log cabin, or Victorian house, make sure your property has a specific feel or ambiance.

Second, make sure essentials and amenities are readily available for your renters. Televisions, kitchen appliances, air conditioning, and Wi-Fi are all things that can make a renter’s stay more pleasant and comfortable. Including these is part of the larger necessity of thinking like your renters and outfitting a space based on their needs. Always think about what you would want in a vacation home if you were a renter and adjust your property accordingly.

When you’re ready to list your property as a vacation home rental, contact San Juan PM for reliable promotion and property management in the San Juan Islands area. Not only will they help manage your property, but they’ll also help screen clients to make sure your vacation home is treated with the respect it deserves.