Need to Save Money on Your RV? Try a Cleaning Schedule

Summary: Cleaning your RV on a regular and consistent basis can save you more money than you think.

RVs and campers, similar to your ordinary sedan, can become dirty, uninhabitable places quickly. However, there are ways that you can mitigate the chances of them getting destroyed. A simple change here and there can result in a massive difference that can save you both time and money.

Take Only What You Need on Trips

Taking what you need rather than overpacking in your RV is ideal because you’re leaving less room for to make a mess. Most families like to overpack for trips, thinking they’ll need more food, drinks, or accessories as a “just in case” option. Once the vacation is over however, these little pieces will likely stay in the RV for an extended period of time or until it gets taken out for another trip due to laziness.

Make Sure a Deep Clean is Performed After Every Trip

This tip is self-explanatory, but many RV owners fail to do it. While an RV makes for a casual place for eating and dining on the road, it can also be a hub for bacteria. Crumbs and bits of food can fall between the cracks of the seat or around the RV. If you’re lazy about it, you’ll basically be letting your vehicle become a nesting ground for bugs and other unwanted animals. This is why it’s always important to deep clean after every trip, especially because you’re not stepping into your RV on a daily basis. If you do need to replace certain furniture pieces, be sure to choose an established foam supplier such as The Foam Factory for example to maximize your investment.

Keep Up With a Cleaning Schedule

Taking the time to clean out your RV on a consistent basis can save you more money than you think. Replacing the foam inserts on your seats for example, is rather cheap and save you the stress of cleaning out mold, mildew, and even insect nests. Make sure you create a monthly cleaning schedule that you can stick to. Small tasks like vacuuming and taking out trash should become routine.