The San Juan Islands: The best dog-friendly vacation destination

Blog provided by San Juan PM

Are you and your favorite furry friend inseparable? Do you hate having to leave them behind when you’re exploring some exotic locale? Luckily, there’s one place where you can both enjoy the open air, serene environments, and rich local culture. This ideal vacation destination is the San Juan Islands.

If you’re traveling to the islands by boat, the first thing you’ll notice is that you can bring your dog on the Washington State Ferries, as long as you keep the bigger ones on a leash and the smaller ones in a dog carrier. This will allow you to explore all of the islands with your best friend by your side.

Once you’re actually on foot, there are a variety of well-known tourist attractions you’ll be able to traverse together. The San Juan Sculpture Park is one must-see landmark that will give your dog plenty of room to exercise as you enjoy the unique local art. Lime Kiln State Park is another famous dog-friendly spot that will allow you to take in stunning views of swimming orca whales and local greenery alongside your faithful companion.

Furthermore, it’s said that many local restaurants and businesses have a dog treat on hand as you browse local goods and cuisine. There are also dog-friendly living spaces for rental if you’re staying overnight. San Juan PM provides San Juan Island cabin rental services, including a variety of dog-friendly options. If you need a cozy space for you and your pup, be sure to browse through all the options to find the right one for your visit!