Three scenarios where a portable a/c will save the day

Article by Buddah Lounge

The server room

All server rooms and data centers have primary air conditioners, and backup air conditioners. However, we all know that in absolute worst case scenarios, that both the primary and the backup system can fail. Often, the primary fails only to find that the backup does not function correctly or does not have enough capacity to cover the entire load until the primary is up and running. Here one or more portable air conditioners will carry the load until all other systems are back online.

The office

Another situation where existing cooling can come under heavy strain is the office. Hiring of new staff and the subsequent increase in headcount doesn’t usually come with an increase in the cooling capacity of the building. Often, it is too late before people realize that the a/c system is straining. The most efficient solution is to disable central a/c several areas, reducing the load on the system to a manageable level, and then use portable a/c units in all the others.

The party

Holidays, birthdays, Christmas parties are all fun events, but as more and more people arrive, the crowd can be a little too much for the central a/c. Unless you have cool weather, the only real alternative is to supplement the existing cooling with one or more portable a/c’s distributed throughout the house.