In Modern Architecture, Glass is the New Brick

Article by FRG News

Use of glass in construction has become common mainly because of the esthetics. There are many kinds of glass used in construction. Treated glass is strong and good to use in many structures. Glass used for insulation is made with layers to avoid hot or cold air seep in. Tempered glass doesn’t shatter when it breaks so it can minimize injuries. Laminated and wired glass also has shatter proof quality. The coated glass blocks glare and reduces hot or cold air getting into a structure. This glass is used mostly in energy conservation projects.

Use of glass in swimming pool fencing is a common practice now. The glass fences and partitions are gaining popularity over traditional pool walls. In Australia, Dimension 1 Glass that has been in swimming pool building for over thirty years has utilized on this demand and has built a lucrative business. The company helps home owners to have privacy around swimming pools without compromising esthetics. Its newest addition to its website is the online shop. Now customers can browse and asses various pool fencing options.

There are many reasons for the popularity of use of glass in swimming pool structures. Glass doesn’t block view. If the pool is built on a landscaped garden, occupants can enjoy the view while preserving privacy. Glass swimming pool fencing can be also economical in the long run. They are as strong as brick walls. Glass needs very little maintenance because the quality doesn’t get deteriorated as a result of exposure to extreme weather conditions.

The traditional way of building a swimming pool was using a lot of bricks, cement and plaster. Esthetically, they cannot beat glass. Glass and water blend in very well. If a swimming pool is small, glass pool walls can give an expansive look to it. Glass comes in different colors and textures that bricks, plaster and cement cannot create. In the long run, concrete and brick can have water damage but glass doesn’t have this problem.

One country that is popularizing swimming is Australia. In Sydney, swimming is a very popular pastime among women. Its sunny weather has encouraged home owners to build backyard pools. The Western Australian government’s Department of Commerce has particular guidelines for swimming pools and spas. These guidelines are established to secure the safety of the children. According to these guidelines, pool fencing in Sydney is a compulsory measure.

In ancient Chinese cultures, glass is considered a good energy material. Many modern architects use glass to create illusive views blended with natural light. In modern architecture glass is not treated as just another material for windows or doors.