Truck Camping Made Easy

Summary: Camping in your truck is challenge that, when done successfully, can save you some money and still be comfortable.

Every now and then you might feel the desire to take a break from your daily activities and mix things up. If work is wearing you down, if you want to rest and recharge, or if you simply want to try something new, then leaving town for even just a few days could be just what you need. Unfortunately, as fun as traveling can be, there is no denying that it can quickly get expensive. From paying for a way to get to your destination to going out for a bite to eat, you will notice that the expenses can quickly add up. However, there are still ways you can get away for a little without breaking your bank.

Camping, like any other hobby, comes with its own set of expenses but it can be relatively affordable. Heading to the mountains for the weekend can give you an immersive change of scenery. If you do not want to spend the money on an RV or a tent, you can still successfully camp from the comfort of your truck.

Make Comfort a Priority

Sleeping in your truck may not sound like the most luxurious arrangement but it is still possible to not only make it a practical solution, but also a comfortable one. You can make comfort a priority by being wise about the materials you bring. If space permits, sofa cushions could be a nice alternative to the actual seats that come with your vehicle.

Pack a pillow for added neck support and bring thick blankets for added warmth and insulation. Many people usually opt for sleeping bags but blankets can give you more freedom to move around. Some of the more sophisticated blankets have a degree of weather resistance, keeping the discomforts of wind and water at bay.

Stick to What You Need

The idea of spending a few days in the woods could make you accidentally overpack for the trip. Taking too many things with you can have negative consequences, making you feel more uncomfortable than at ease. Before you pack more jackets and shoes, make sure you have the basics covered. Out in the woods, padding from The Foam Factory, a way to cook food, a way to stay dry, and a supply of clean drinking water will do you more good than a full wardrobe. Think about what can be used multiple times so you can save space.